Can we be sexy and feminist?

In 2017, feminist sounds like a bad word, an insult that any sane women, that doesn’t aim to be politically correct, wants to avoid. Being feminist is associated with being aggressive, hating men and stopping to shave. The problem is that there is also a list of behaviour that is expected with feminism:

  • We shouldn’t accept that a man pays for us
  • A man shouldn’t open the door for us as we are not a fragile thing that needs help
  • We should avoid being over-sexualised as it is objectifying.

Nowadays, feminism follows strong established rules and women are making numerous sacrifices in order to access the private feminist club.

I was therefore wondering if we can be sexy and provoke sexual desire and be feminist? If we establish that sexualizing ourselves is objectifying, does it make sense to showing our body and to help the feminist cause at the same time?

The thing is that, we can provoke sexual desire with other attributes than our body. We can arouse attraction with our sense of humour, intelligence or spirit. So here we are defining sexy as physically sexy as it can be seen as degrading to be desired for our body, hence to wear the enslaving costume (aka a short skirt, heels and the décolleté).


Being seen as an object for our physical features seems to be the main issue, the ultimate humiliation. Objectifying women is so degrading because it’s removing the humanity of once body. It is not really the sexual desire that is to blame but the fact that it is based on superficial attributes.


I feel that women are fighting against the over-sexualisation of their body because for centuries, they have felt that their body didn’t belong to them but to their father, husband, guy passing by in the street, society. They were allowed to tell them what to wear, whether to cover up or strip, and give their opinion/appreciation of their body. Over the years, they lost control of their appearance, belonging to both public and private spaces but in different ways, which embodied their enslavement to all kind of male figures.


Telling the world that women can’t feel respected if their body is seen as sexy and that in order to be feminist, they should desexualize their body isn’t it creating a feminist uniform rather than a feminist voice? Isn’t it enslaving women again to their unavoidable condition of sexually arousing creature as they try to fight against it hence legitimating it. If the ultimate purpose of feminism is to win our body back, should we suppress feminine features or exacerbate them?

 “Dressing in a feminine fashion can also be feminist. Being true to yourself, your point of view, your beliefs should look like you.” 
Chloé new creative director, Natacha Ramsay-Levi


I personally think that wearing a feminist uniform can be as enslaving as wearing revealing clothes in order to get the crowd’s attention. Both emphases on the fact that female’s body is a communication mean, conveys a message by the way it is dressed up.

If we agree that women can also be sexual being and feel desire, we can also agree that if women dress sexy it may not only be to get men’s approval but to fulfill personal concerns, experiment with their sexuality just to name one.

If feminists aim to impose one point of view, one lifestyle, one outfit to a whole gender, they impose their dogma in the name of an illusory cause. Feminism shouldn’t imply sacrifices but feel like a sense of freedom helping women’s power spread unlimitedly

Chloé spring and summer 2018 runway collection during PFW

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