Hi everybody, this is my first article on BEAUTEINSIGHT blog. Hope you’ll enjoy reading my thoughts about the society codes, dress codes.

For most of us since young we learnt the need to dress well:  for dudes, wear your little shirt and girls the dress is a must. As you grow up, you’ll include all these codes, dressing well is a form of respect for others, yes for others. I may be going a little bit extreme while saying that but I remember a friend saying:

“Women don’t dress for dudes (mostly) because dudes just want to see breasts, don’t really notice or care about your styling; but dress for their peers, womenada6f4b05171510e4a4267849317d68c”.

Referring to one previous article made by the blog’s owner, fashion can be sometimes crazy, when you see the show, you are like “WTF?”; but in some thoughts it’s again about codes, I will not go to a meeting with an oversize jacket from FW 17 Balenciaga show or wear the colourful and savage inspiration of Alessandro Michelle for Gucci (apart from people working in fashion), although I may find it amazing.

Of course my meaning is not that I wish people to go to work with rebel style and a hoodie with holes all over it. Maybe some “codes” are usual in the society we are, but at least on the day you’re not working, enjoy yourself, try to not care so much about other people’s view, judging, as long as you feel good.

I’m mostly saying this for men’s fashion, I believe that women’s fashion is wide and diverse enough that people don’t really see it as shocking or disturbing.


I am actually a dude who can wear full fur jacket or Céline’s women skate sneakers in neon green fake croco leather (they do till Italian 42) and why not the Céline Phantom large size to make the combo (but I think they stopped producing this size, never mind). Just to notice I do look like a dude (well I hope/ believe so haha).

Sometimes when I wear my Kangaroo fur jacket, I feel people are judging not because I’m wearing fur, being cruel but: “Oh it’s not something I usually see” creating stigma or maybe both. At first you might feel not so comfortable with these looks but well who really cares? And at least next time they’ll see a similar look, they’ll feel it’s normal lol. (I’m so powerful I change people’s vision muahhahaha #kidding).


YOLO You Only Live Once.
Enjoy your everyday, feel it, dress it.



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